G.R.I.T. Academy

Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools


The Truth or Consequences School District is proud to provide an alternate path for graduation. Students will work on site and at home, while being monitored by qualified staff and administrators.  Our mission is to provide an alternative setting for a diverse population of students, whose goals include: earn a high school diploma, prepare for career or college, and live as productive and responsible citizens.  GRIT students will be obligated to participate in standardized testing as required by the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED).  It is a fully accredited alternative for receiving a high school diploma.

Who can apply?

Grit Academy accepts students who are in need of an alternative setting for a variety of reasons including: at-risk students, students who do not identify with the regular high school student body, students who are lacking in credits for graduation, students who have previously been home-schooled and students who want to follow an accelerated path for graduation.  You need to have at least an 8th grade reading ability based on district test scores.

What are the GRIT Graduation Requirements?
The GRIT academy requires the student to accumulate a total of 25.5 credits to earn a diploma.  Each student's "Next Step Plan" is developed with the Student and a Guidance Counselor to ensure the best, most productive course of study.

Will a student have electives?
Yes, a variety will be available.

What does a student schedule look like?
GRIT students will come to the HSHS campus and will work independently all day.  There are breaks for Brunch and Lunch, which are at different times than the rest of the campus.  Students are allowed and encouraged to take self-motivated, brief breaks throughout the course of the day.

What do the Discipline and Attendance Policies look like?
GRIT students will follow the Hot Springs High School's Discipline Matrix that is outlined, in detail, in the student handbook which will be provided at registration.  The students will also be required to follow the District's Attendance Policies as well as the Code of Conduct.

Will students be able to use the district's transportation?

Does a student need a computer at home that his internet accessibility?
It is HIGHLY encouraged that the student perform course work from home in order to meet the time requirements of the program.

Parent/Guardian Involvement?
Parent/Guardian is a big part of this program; we strongly support Parent/Guardian participation. The Parent/Guardian can request a login, so that they can monitor their student's progress 24x7.

How does a student apply?
Enrollment applications can be picked up from the Hot Springs High School office. A committee will interview the applicants and determine if GRIT is the correct choice for your student's success.